Improving new user engagement on my game

I currently have a problem with retaining new users on my game. Looking at the stats, you can see that New Player First Session Retention falls down very quickly during the first 5 minutes:

I have gone in game and have seen many new users just joining and leaving after a while. Is there anything wrong with the introduction and tutorial? Here’s the game link: Orbforge [Alpha] - Roblox

Note that this only happens with new users. Returning users’ stats have no issue currently.

You’re losing a lot of players pretty fast, which isn’t unusual for a game platform based around Tourist players. However, you could work towards preventing this by improving your onboarding experience. I’ll share two useful resources to help you understand onboarding and how to guide players through it quickly and effectively. This will engage your players with the core loop of your game earlier on, giving them a reason to stay and play!

Resource 1: What are Onboarding Techniques?
Resource 2: Onboarding Essentials

Hope these help!


I have managed to solve this problem myself. The problem came down to the old tutorial and the lack of players.
During May this stat was horrible. Like really horrible.

I have revamped the tutorial and the game got more popular, and now it is much better:

Thank you to those who tried to help.

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