Improving Plugin Development workflow

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to create plugins to better improve the workflow of game development in studio, as the process of creating Plugins is too cumbersome and extremely demotivating.

For an example, when creating plugins, local or not, you must first upload/save the plugin then reload it just to see the change and often times you will be making very small changes rapidly to see how the GUI looks or functions.

There are tools created by developers such as Hotswap, which allows you to reload your plugin without the need of it to be saved, however that too requires you to load the plugin in run time to see your adjustments.

Roblox aims to provide an easier development workflow and what better way to do so than allowing us to create our own tools to achieve our end goals, while the engineers can focus on the bigger picture. It’s really great to see Roblox focusing a little more on Plugin development, seeing as recently the Plugin Marketplace was released. However, before anything else I think the process of creating said plugins needs to be greatly improved.