[IMPROVISED] Feedback on my Jungle so far?


I made a post of this a few days ago and I have taken the criticism and incorporated it. Note: the jungle is NOT finished.

Link to the game: https://www.roblox.com/games/3148438441


First off, I noticed you can’t even move in the game, you can only use a free model grapple. Second off, the music dosent match at all, make some raindrop sounds since there is rain.

pretty self explanatory

the tree is floating…?
Fourthly, The UIs need rework, the don’t look really good. They also don’t even work, The place dosent exist :thinking:


If I’m correct, those are one of the free model “bright lights” right? If not, what are they?

Jump kinda seems impossible, don’t you think?


I made all the models except grapple to help you move around and light which i forgo to delete in studio

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I just looked it up. Contrary to what @ScytheSlayin and I originally believed, the trees and temples don’t seem to be an FM, However they look very similar to several FMs out there. Most of the trees are a single model, which might be why we have gotten confused about it. The temples also seem to be original as I can’t find them on the toolbox.

However, the skybox is a free model, many of the smaller foliage are from a plugin.

I apologize for the confusion and the false accusation. I will edit my original post. However, this does bring us to a legitimate criticism. It felt like free model usage because of A) The very, very recognizable reuse of assets seems, and I hate to use the word, lazy at best, despite how detailed each asset is. B) The odd contrast of all these different temple ruin styles (From the pillars in the ground that look out of a building like the Lincoln Memorial) to the odd sandstone structures that don’t seem as worse for wear as the rest of everything. This fairly low-effort assembly of the map really shows.

I apologize again.


Its fine. I do realize The trees are Repetitive. There are 3 different trees. The main tree I just broke up. I will create 4 more different trees. Also The lincoln Memorial logs… I just realized they do look like that. I will change that. There is much to be added so sorry on my part for A. Not mentioning the 2 models in the desc. and B. not putting as much work as I shouldve. As you know, i am new here and I will learn. I hope… :slight_smile:


With all due respect, you shouldn’t feel the need to call someone out for using a free skybox or a foliage generator when this is in #development-support:building-support. This is notably not a finished product, and he is asking for feedback on the jungle, not the skybox, and there is absolutely no reason to call something generated by a plugin a “free model”. It comes off as unnecessarily petty, and unprofessional.


Happy to hear it, looking forward to seeing more of this project as it matures and you start to use more original content and make it feel less repetitive.

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Agreed, The devforum community is a community for developers of all skill ranges and a safe place for informational feedback. It is important that we support our fellow developers even when we disagree with them. Please be respectful and build on! -arch


The direction you bring your game play is obviously at your disclosure. The issue isn’t the free model, the issue is accreditation, and that was the only point I was trying to push. For the FMs that you used, it’d be fair practice to list the creators in an easy to access place if deleting them entirely detracts from the game play you’re shooting for.


Btw for bridge jump, there is double jump. Later in the game I will definately add a tutorial to the game for all of the features.


My only complaint is that we have to press two keys to move. I don’t see why thats needed. Otherwise the builds look great.

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Ya sorry about that. I must have scripted something wrong…

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That’s fine. Just make sure to check for this next time. As it could cause someone to get frustrated and leave because they cannot move around if they do not know the hotkeys you need to press.

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The music does not fit with the game. Due to the ruinous nature of the buildings and the nature of your terrain, a more sombre, melancholy, reflective type of music would suit the game more.

As visible in the image below, you have made quite a good job with the canopy of the trees and the general colour scheme. However, in terms of terrain, there is little that sets it apart as a realistic build. The forest floor is unrealistically flat when in real life, there would be a multitude of hills, rocks, leaves covering the floor, twigs, shrubbery, etc. Shrubbery and grass, as a whole, seems to be very scarcely placed here which is completely unrealistic.


There is a cobblestone path within the forest. While this is, for the most part, unrealistic, I can see why this has been employed due to the nature of the forest whereby it has been previously inhabited. However, judging from the ancient nature of what I assume is Aztec architecture, this path should be covered by soil and dirt at areas, and it should not be so flat. If you are trying to make a place appear uninhabited, perfectly pruned pathways are probably adverse to your desired result.

Good job with your build so far. It is very convincing apart from what I have outlined.

By the way, there is no need to reply to every single post. If your post is too short (i.e. “Ohhhh. Thanks.”) it can be easily replaced with a heart.


Thank you so much! This is a very helpful critique. I have been trying to find music which I will have done by the next post on this jungle. Also, I agree about the paths so I will fix them. I forgot who suggested it, but i have added a ravine, river, waterfall and i am working on a cliff and more hills right now.


Yeah, I said that. I would recommend a slow piano tune, many of which can be found easily in the Library. It would also be a good idea to add invisible blocks around your game that emanate jungle sounds to add further immersion.

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I just downloaded a lot of jungle rain sounds, but they cost robux to upload. And if I use something from the library, there will be another war like above, using a FM.

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The jungle looks alright, but the rain droplets ought to be straight, rather than at an angle. Seeing as the particles are going straight down and not at an angle, the lack of “wind” would cause the droplets to face down as well.