Improvised fireball!

Day 2 into working with VFX! :wink:

Felt like my first 2 fireballs were pretty sloppy, so I made a new one before the day started! :boom:

Still figuring out how to do more unique shapes, if anyone has any suggestions or advice, let me know below!




Nice! that looks like something from DBZ Kakarot

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Astonishing job! Love it a lot. Looks like something that could appear in a ROBLOX event. Keep up the great work! :coefficients: :woot:

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Super nice. Is it or will it be animated? That would add a lot of detail.

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I do plan on animating it with a ton of more VFX work!

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that looks amazing :pog:
the outer lines really give it an event effect.

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Looks great! I really like the flames that are flickering outside! It is outstanding, Impressive work Developer!

Happy Building, Fusion