In a pizza tycoon game, what kind of genre of music should I use?

As the topic says.
Is it fit for synthwave?

Note: Not pizza time


Spider-Man 2 The Game Pizza Theme


For a pizza game I would say something thats up beat and chill as well and happy. I think you should hire someone to make the music for the game.


You can normally search for some Pizza music on YouTube and try to search the name on Roblox to see if it is there or not and if it isn’t you should upload it to roblox but make sure to check if it is copyrighted or not.

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Pizza time


just use normal kids music, faded, spectrum, stuff for stuff the younger audience would like!

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Just use Italion music. Or any modern musics.


i would recommend combining syth and players sussgestons.
like yaknow miner havens (kinda old) upbeat music, mix that with italion music, maybe acordion and boom, upbeat pizza music, has a tune, can loop nicely.

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Uhhh. It doesn’t sounds that it fits the style of my game at all.
None of the sandbox tycoon will play pop music.

I’ve played a lot of them before, they really do. They play all this weird music

I’d say either something that sounds uplifting, classic Italian, or something with an accordion… or pizza time.

It really depends on the vibe of the game but I would recommend classic Italian music or swing type of music.