In desperate need for help

Hey everyone, so recently I’ve had some stuff happen in life that put me in an insanely stressful and painful place. I’m in desperate need of a coder to assist me for a few days in finishing a game I have been working on for two or so years on (maps), the game is 80% complete code wise, map wise it’s done I’m just working on more maps for later release or use. You have the option to rip the code apart and do your own thing, or to use it and just finish it, there’s little to nothing left to do however I have no one to finish it for me.

If you’re still interested in the project thus far I’ll tell you what it is, it’s a multi-universe hooked up to a hub where players are able to join Solo, 4 player, and soon to be 8 player ‘grief’ mode as well as two other modes I plan on making in the future. It’s a massive zombies game, two of the maps are inspired from very popular CoD maps that I created due to insanely high demand since the early alpha in 2014. If you assist in finishing it I’ll give you a 35% cut of the entire game from the time we release and forward, if you wish for more than I’m open for negotiations. I plan on making a very large profit and create one of the largest and most diverse Zombies game ever created on Roblox. Here’s a sneak peak of 6 of the maps I have. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED OR WANT MORE INFO, PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. MY SKYPE IS HEATRO11 (I’M THE RUSSIAN GUY)


Note: The maps look a lot smaller here because I just snapped some pictures in studios of them. The maps vary in size, the largests takes several minutes to walk across and they span from the world war 1, to modern era, to the early 90s, etc etc. Game is built, everything is built, just need tossed together and finished.

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The 2nd last picture; the rope on the handlebars defies gravity. :open_mouth: Newton lied to us…

By the way, as of your game, this is off-topic, but I could suggest a lot of fixes and criticism for your game that could possibly make it more enjoyable. It’s not what you’re exactly looking for right now, but… it seems like something you’re coming back to once things outside of ROBLOX are solved.

Anyways, good luck on your endeavors to find a coder to finish your game. It might be better to bold your statement on the cut they’re going to get. It would probably attract more people.

I might be able to help, depending on what’s currently ingame and what is still needed for the gameplay. If you’d be willing to discuss this with me, add me on skype at matt.halderman1

I think I could be very helpful.

XD Sorry in game your characters arms are in it, it won’t actually be floating ropes

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