In-game ads are now possible?

I’ve seen a few games lately with “paid ads” like this one:

Some example of these games are Obby King Remastered and Tower of Jump.
Since when is this a thing and how do they work?


The movie people probably contacted the developers about that. I’ve never seen any news about this update.


I have seen these too and wondered the same thing. IDK, but just because people are doing it doesn’t mean it is allowed. Maybe they just haven’t been shut down yet. Seems like it would not be allowed unless it was something Roblox was behind. (something you could opt into or sign up for) But I have not seen any announcement.

Depending on how this was implemented, it may be allowed.

According to the rules ( under 26. Advertising) you are allowed to have ads in your game as long as you don’t give control over what gets displayed to third parties (services like bloxbiz are against the rules)

There are a few other rules attached to advertising, however they’re all basically common sense (no questionable or inappropriate content, no advertising alcohol to kids, no “free robux” type ads)

As long as the developer(s) put the ad there themselves, I see no reason that ad wouldn’t be allowed. Considering it also says Paid Ad in the corner I’d assume that they would 100% have permission to use all the copyrighted stuff there.