In-game advertisements for other games

I was looking for some funds, and wondered if I could have people pay me and I put up like a sign that says like “Try this game!”!

Earn Robux :robux_light:

Problem: People might go to that game instead of the game with the ad
Solution: Charge extra for a teleport button

  • This system is great, use it!
  • This system is ok.
  • Middle.
  • This system isn’t the best.
  • You should not use this.

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The game is a simulator.

Yup, you got the trick of monetization. But don’t make it too pricey.
Add community ads (small and cheap) and also sponsored ads (big and expensive).

How much average concurrent do you have?

Currently, like 1 or 2 every now and then. Not very much.

Then you should seriously be getting some playerbase first.

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