In Game Avatar Editor v2

Might wanna do it the way Roblox seems to be doing it. Breaking Clothing down into Layered and Classic, then breaking those down into their specifics.

Thanks a ton though! Hope it’s not too hard to work it in, because it seems a bit rough right now.

There is a bug when I go into the wearing category, none of the hats I am wearing show up which makes me unable to remove them.


will you be making a V3 now that 3D outfits are now released
and i just wanna say i love this Avatar Editor it’s the best.

I hope to hear from you soon.


I would like to support layered clothing at some point but layered clothing is implemented completely differently from regular accessories.

V2 is not getting layered clothing support. The UI was not designed to handle this many categories. The back-end is kind of a mess, too.

Not sure about a V3 though.


Will this ever get UGC support ?
Not gonna lie, it’s really tedious to add over 25K+ UGC by hand…

You can modify it to work with AvatarEditorService.

Is there a way to add all new items from the catalog into it without manually adding them all? Like it’s only roblox owned items currently.

Not really. Last time I checked, Roblox has limits in place preventing people from scraping the catalog.

There have been tens of thousands of new UGC items since I last updated the catalog data. There is no good method of scraping the catalog without missing some items.

There are many popular avatar editor games. I don’t think they are manually adding everything. So thought I’d check with you to see if you knew. I really like this, just gotta figure that part out for myself! I use merchboothcatalog from roblox but it’s only my items and it’s not as organized as this is

I just tested scraping the catalog and the 1000 item limit is still in place.

They are probably using AvatarEditorService.

They say it left beta but some of its methods are not enabled. I do not know if you had to be in the beta to have access to these methods or if the beta is still open.

If not AvatarEditorService then maybe some other place has a complete database on catalog assets.

Is there a way to upload multiple asset IDs at once? I have 60+ items I’d like to insert into the Avatar Editor.

Also, if we’re using the Avatar editor in multiple games within a universe, do we have to insert the assest IDs into each game?

Thanks — amazing job creating this!

Looking back onto this now: I wonder if someone updated this resource. It would really help if it manages to get layered clothing to work.

Not a single tutorial on how to make this manually. Bah. Cheers, I guess :frowning:


Care to elaborate on how to do this, pretty please :pray:

I believe there is a module script with a lot of asset ids, you can just edit it so that rather than having a prewritten library of items it uses AvatarEditorService to fetch and write items into the module script.

Yep, I looked through and it’s called CatalogData. The problem is that CatalogData feeds into a module called CatalogList. CatalogList has methods that search CatalogData and update itself according to what another module, called AvatarEditorClient, tells it to do.

Modifying this CatalogList module is the tricky part. It has to use AvatarEditorService’s methods, rather than working off a predefined table of catalog JSON data from CatalogData.

Can I have your discord so I can DM you?

did you know private messages exist on the devforums???

To the OP: Is this working against the now paused update which made everyone mad??? (the experience marketplace items guideline)

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Probably, have not really read into the new guidelines. I’m guessing Roblox wanted to prompt a purchase request every time a user viewed an item in the marketplace? I think it would be a simple change to make. It would be very annoying to the user though.

Hello, it is possible to change Avatar Editor v2 to normal UI (like avatar editor v1) because the new Roblox CoreGUI makes the avatar editor button blocked and there are also those who can’t access it because it’s blocked

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Yes. Since Roblox updated the CoreGui, TopbarPlus v2 no longer matches the new design.

You can make your own custom loader for the avatar editor, or you can use Topbar Plus v3 here: TopbarPlus v2.9.1 | Construct intuitive topbar icons; customise them with themes, dropdowns, captions, labels and much more - #1039 by ForeverHD

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