In game boss Cutscene

I’ve made a game to showcase/test out some stuff that I’ve made to make it easier to make games more cinematic. This includes animated faces, camera shake and a camera rig that I can animate and it works in game rather than just tweening the camera between CFrames.

If you have any questions I’d be glad to answer them!

You can see it for yourself in game here:


Can you open source this?,

Also is this local or is it server sided

I’ll be glad to open source the module I used for Camera shake, FOV tweening and my camera rig, but I don’t think I will open source the entire game. Also yeah everything happens on the server except of course camera effects, those only happen for the player in the cutscene

yeah I only need the camera rig part how did you set that up?

I’ll make a separate post in a bit with the camera rig and how to set it up, I’ll link it here when I’m done

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Alright thanks cant wait,

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Looks really cool. I love the smoothness of it all, and how it actually looks like a boss cutscene.
I also love how you synced the animation to the noises in the background of the cutscene. It’s great to see cutscenes like this where you can just animate a rig instead of having to script it around (aka stuff I don’t understand) and everything.
I’d love to see this in an actual game too! :wink:

Kind regards,

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Very epic! Would like to see more of these :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much! I was messing around in the default animator when I saw there were animation events which are pretty much the backbone of keeping things synced up, super useful!

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finally :sweat_smile:

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Im here for the walking animation LOL

Yo, sorry for bumping, quick question, how did you animate the gate? Did you just use tweening or somehow were able to animate it and export it, if so please tell me how, as using tweening for part animations requires hardcoding it in and thats just a bad way of doing it.