In - Game Building System


I have always been a veteran player of The Electric State DarkRP, and Outskirts of New Vegas, which are games found on the Roblox platform. (Outskirts of New Vegas was shut down in 2018.) I was absolutely amazed by the smooth in - game building system they had, which allowed you, and any other player, to place props anywhere you would like. I also had the experience to practice my building there, which I later excelled in.

I have attempted to search the forum, but found nothing related to my question. I also hired a couple scripters, but their final outcomes glitched when the props were placed near terrain, or permanent structures. I have even borrowed scripts from public submissions, and tried to tamper with them to create what I intended here. As a beginning scripter, I of course blew that, like “bruh”.

Are there any open - sourced games that contain my intentions? If not, I would absolutely love for some assistance on this. I don’t care if it’s just one or two lines of scripting, I desperately need this.

I will also be willing to give credits to anyone who aids me in finding exactly what I need. Thank you!

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