In-Game Calendar - Is it allowed by the TOS?

Hey there DevForum. Hopefully you can give me advice on this topic.


So as you may know, roleplay groups have scheduled events throughout the day. From past experience, these events seem to either be posted on a communication server or on Trello. Neither of which is efficient for long term scheduling.

The simple solution would be to use google calendar, but I don’t want to make users go to non-roblox related sites.


My solution to this problem would be to make a calendar in game using DataStores.
(I know it’s not that inefficient but that is not the reason I posted this topic.)

With this solution, high ranking players would be able to schedule an event at any point, for any time. But with this comes the issue…

Would this be allowed by the TOS? I ask this because this could be seen as collecting information about the player (their username connected to a time.)

What do you think?

Thanks for reading,

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Why would this be against TOS? It’s not collecting personally identifiable information. Completely in the clear.


My concern is that someone may see this as collecting and storing players times, and possibly lead to revealing their time zone.

But ok, and thanks for the speedy response.


Yeah, this is completely fine, remember when setting it up to keep a way to remove an entire user’s history, etc if someone uses their right to be forgotten, it makes it easier to remove later if you remember to add it at the start.

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Alright. I’ll make sure I can wipe a user out of it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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I would be careful with this too. Imagine if their account got stolen, and the person who stole it would be able to use that account, and see what times / dates they would be playing the game.

Plus coppa / the FTC is against collecting information about anyone under the age of 13 on the internet.