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I made this post a bit ago about a in game catalog image searcher.

Bloxburg’s in game Image Searcher - Help and Feedback / Scripting Support - Developer Forum | Roblox
I marked an answer but I have a follow up question about the InsertService.

I have a system where the user submits something in a textbox and automatically images come up depending on what was searched.

Heres an example of a working topic. I’ve run into a weird issue however, which is whenever something that isnt a basic word gets searched, it doesn’t show the results. When you can search the same word on the Marketplace and it’ll show up.

Ill Include the code in the following post as well for you to see if there’s any errors. But could this just be some roblox issue or?

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local textBox = script.Parent
local SearchInputValue = script.Parent.SearchInput
local ImageDisplay = script.Parent.Parent.ImageDisplay
local InsertService = game:GetService(“InsertService”)

local function Search(UsersSearch)

local SiteSearch = InsertService:GetFreeDecals(UsersSearch, 1)

for i, image in SiteSearch[1].Results do
	local Name =
	local Assetid = image.AssetId
	local Backround ="ImageLabel")
	Backround.Parent = ImageDisplay
	Backround.Image = string.format("rbxthumb://type=Asset&id=%s&w=420&h=420", Assetid)
	local UiCorner ="UICorner")
	UiCorner.Parent = Backround



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It should be noted that the problem is not a lack of images because if I search “balloon” it will spit out 7 images as opposed to 21. Im assuming this is some kind of moderation issue? Could really Use some feedback from an expert or Roblox employee.

Pages start with index 0. This means that argument 0 would be page 1, 1 would be 2 and so. For some reason from page 2 nothing shows for me but page 1 has content. Just change the argument to 0.

Ah thank you. Still weird that pages 2 and on don’t work. A guy on my previous post linked me a resource to use and it’s a model similar to what I’m making and his has the same issue. May have to use Http service for this so I’ll have to figure that out