In-Game Chat Messages Cutting Off?

This is a minor chat bug that I experience occasionally. Other users have had it as well, from what I’ve heard, and I believe it’s worth bringing this bug to attention since I’ve searched the dev forum without finding any other mention of this. For the most part, I’m posting this for a friend that finds it a significant inconvenience.

When chatting in a game that uses the default chat, or when another person chats a message of a specific length, the last word of the chat may be cut off in the chat window, as shown in the image below. Note that one of the chats in the chat window does not have the last word like it should, while the corresponding chat bubble does.

Fig. 1: chat message being cut off. Image provided by my friend.

If you see that a message is cut off in the chat window, that specific message, sent by a user with that specific username, will always create a cut-off message for your specific window size. I only know that it occurs on PC, but intuitively, it likely can occur on any device that allows you to chat.

This bug occurs in any game that uses the default chat system. I’m unsure of when the bug was introduced, but it has been around for a while. (“It was fine a couple of months ago” according to my friend.)

Most important details:

  • It’s a bug in the default chat system, meaning that it does not occur in games that use a custom chat system.
  • It occurs based on window size. Two clients with different window sizes will have it occur for different messages.

I’d like to know if anyone else that has experienced it has more information on it, or if it can be fixed.


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