In-game feed that shows posts / in-game social media gui

So i want to make a in-game gui where you can post on and the home feed will show all the posts of your friends or those you are following. basically social media

the problem > datastore limits
you can only do 60 + numPlayers × 10 GetAysync() requests per minute. my game’s server cap will probably be 12 which means i get 180 GetAsync() requests /minute

i need those for other things like loading inventory, avatar, etc aswell

i currently plan to have the “Following” limit capped at 200 and only to those you’re friends with but still i would need a lot more than that many requests

for example if all 12 people refreshed the gui at once and they all had 200 following, that would need 2,400 GetAsync() requests which is way more than the 180 /minute limit i’ve got to work with

another thing i could try is memory store service
what do y’all think? i dont understand fully how it works but would that be a good option?

thank you so much for any advice / help / etc :metal: