In Game Item has a Newly Censored Word

The words “UwU” and “OwO” are now censored. I’m not sure what that means for me. Do I need to change these assets? Would I need to change their names as well as player data that have the mask “UwU” or “OwO”? Could I leave them just fine with the assumption that the censoring is a mistake? I’m not sure, but I’d like to know more about what to do in this situation since the only thing I can think of is just changing the name, model, and force altering data, but the problem is that players who bought the mask would feel scammed.



Since they’re censored by Roblox, I guess that they’ll be able moderated whenever they’re just a message or an asset. I suggest you change them to something else or simply remove the asset and refund it to the players.

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As I’ve searched it up, it’s a face expression As you can see by my posts above, since UwU is a happy face, that’s seems fine, not expressing anything bad. OwO is a “cute” face, nothing wrong with that. What are the UwU and OwO locks used for though?

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I think that as long as you’re using them is a not-malicious way you’re good. Numbers and first/last names get filtered by Roblox all the time, but that doesn’t mean that you cant use those in your game!

… Anyway, just to prove a point I uploaded both as decals and they both got approved.

Again, if you’re using either of these two emoticons in an appropriate way it’s probably fine.


Thank you I haven’t thought about that, I was thinking more like staff for roblox would see the assets as a bad thing whereas the reality is just that it would’ve been content deleted by now. Thanks again c:

What do you mean by “locks”? The masks or filtered words?

Sorry, typo, meant to say what are they used for, do they have a purpose, or is it just a decor?

It is a cosmetic item, not used for any non TOS friendly stuff I don’t think.

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I don’t see anything wrong with the face. Not trying to diss roblox, ill support them with whatever they do as long as its a actual needed feature.
But personally I would replace them with something else. Maybe roblox faces? Unless someone says otherwise that you can use them.