In-Game Menu Bugged

When hitting the escape key to exit out of the main menu, there are a few bugs that @InceptionTime and I have noticed. The escape key does not work when the “Settings”, “Report”, or “Record” tabs are open. This is occurring on Windows 10, but I’m not sure about other operating systems.

Also if you select the “Help” tab and click the “Report” tab while hitting the escape key, it disables your entire keyboard.


Yeah, I’ve had this problem too.

I’m also running Windows 10.

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I’ve also seen this. Thought it was a VR specific oddity, guess not!

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My keyboard acted very weird after reporting some people in Phantom Forces Beta.
Pressing ESC, going to Report and closing the menu again would fix it.
(Maybe some TextBox stays focused? no idea)

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Can also confirm. I’m on Windows 10.

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Having the same problem, and I am as well on Windows 10.

I’m 87% certain that the settings menu is lua-side, which means that OS doesn’t matter.

This will be fixed in the next client release, sorry for the inconvenience.


Yeah, the escape key issue with all tab seems fixed and working fine.

But i have also observed that when game menu is open and one of the tab in game menu is already selected, then selecting other tab with pressing escape key simultaneously disables keyboard.