In-Game Roblox Status Messages!

In-Game Roblox Status Messages!


Hey Developers,

I hope this topic finds you all doing well! Today, Roblox Status Live is releasing a new model to the Roblox Community which allows developers to integrate in-game notifications for when Roblox experiences downtime.

Why is this necessary?

My team and I find this model necessary to add to your game for one major reason: to prevent data loss.

During many previous outages, large game developers and groups have had to turn their games private to prevent players from losing data. If a player loses data, let’s say a player just finishes a level, but the Data Store Service is degraded or completely offline, the request to store the level wouldn’t be processed or processed properly, resulting in the next time that the player joins your game, they are no longer where they left off, perhaps several levels behind where they were previously.

This model will let the player know via a notification that Roblox is having issues which could possibly result in data loss. In the event that the notifications are triggered, it could stop players from playing your game, or other games on the Roblox platform until Roblox fixes the issue. While this would decrease your player count for a little while, but it will be much better than having to deal with angry players whose level didn’t save.

How does it work?

Our model is very straightforward, it reaches out via the HTTP Service to the Roblox Status Live API and pull the Roblox Status information, processes it, then send notifications to all of the players if Roblox is determined to be not working properly. Now many of you will be thinking, if Roblox is down, then how will the HTTP Service work? And in some instances, it won’t, however, most of the time, the HTTP service will begin to fail, after the Games service fails, resulting in everyone being disconnected from your game long before the HTTP service of the game failing.


You can get our In-Game Notifications model at the catalog link below:

Happy Developing!


Hey this would be helpful thanks!

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Looks like a cool module, could we get some screenshots of the notifications though and the source code on GitHub?

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I think that I could work on those.
Also the source code for the RSL front-end (Nebula) and back-end (Warehouse) are both on GitHub.

See them here: Roblox Status Live · GitHub

Could we have some screenshots of what it looks like in-game?

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Sure. Its a simple notification using the notification service, but I’ll update the original thread shortly.

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what is warehouse and nebula?<

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They are both Roblox Status Live services. Warehouse is the back-end which stores the data and Nebula is the front-end used for accessing the APIs and such.

Why is there a copyright in the server script? You should replace this with a “made by” comment, because if it’s copyrighted, then we are not allowed to use it in a game.

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The copyright essentially is a license, and the copyright can be distributed as long as it follows the terms that I set. Much like how a patent can be issued to other creators by the owners permission, but can be revoked if it violates the creators explicit permission.

Perhaps I should either clarify that or just put a Creative Commons license on it.

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I’m sorry if this is considered improper use, but isn’t this just a ripoff of S+'s DTS? We’ve been fine with you guys competing with us for a while, but it seems like you guys just copy everything we do. The format we used on DTS is almost the EXACT same as the one used in this post. While inspiration is obviously okay, it just seems like more than a coincidence how RSL seems to always do the same things we do.

We: Started as a website, made a bot and a roblox module.
RSL: Started as a website, made a roblox module and a bot.


Do not use wait() due to throttling, use task.wait().

while wait(30) do
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You use the word ripoff heavily, and no, our down detection is not similar to yours, your downtime service is operated by automatically checking the endpoints in-game via the HTTPService, where RSL’s uses the RSL API rather than the Roblox APIs. This is just one differences between Status+ and RSL.

It’s pretty universal how to check if a host is online, you use an http request and if it replies, its online, if it doesn’t, its offline. Theoretically that’s not going to change much, however I can assure you that RSL’s API is much much faster than the Status+ API, therefore it is a more optimal choice for developers to integrate with their own apps.

Again, I do appreciate you worrying about RSL’s projects, however I do think that Status+ and RSL are completely different on the back-end.

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DTS doesn’t use HTTP to check the api status? DTS uses the old s+ api.

RSL’s API is much much faster than the Status+ API

I disagree. Our current API (the most recent update, not the old API) has return times of 8ms uncached. While, RSL seems to reply ~2000ms uncached.


Well, I figured since your post says, “Utilizing HttpService, I can send GET requests to this API endpoint, therefore being able to tell if an endpoint is down.” I figured that’s what it did.

It meant it sends http requests to our api