In-game subscription

I am new to the forum so please bare with me, sorry if this is in the wrong category or something.

Hi, I’m interested in finding out how to create in-game subscriptions for players to buy devproducts to extend their subscription period. I have seen games do the similar thing and I am wondering myself, which is the most efficient way to make it?

For example, this game below allows players to buy a subscription with robux which would last depending on how much they spent on the subscription. The benefits would include (for this game) more song choices, daily rewards, custom cursor, chat tag, maps and more.



There were functions released that might allow in-game subscriptions but they are not ready yet.

I would wait until they are released so you work doesn’t become a reinvention of the wheel.

Thanks for the reply, I hope this does become a feature in the future as it could help some developers out with the funding for their game.

Yep it definitely will, and will allow us to replicate monthly subscriptions like discord nitro etc, but like I said if these functions will help us do just that, I would wait as it would make subscriptions much easier.

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In the mean time you definitely still can do a subscription type service. A lot of my games have a VIP dev product that gives you x amount of time (hours to weeks). All I do is set a value in the players data to the current unixtime + length of subscription. That way when they rejoin I can just check if the unixtime is greater than that value. As soon as it isn’t, I know their vip expired.

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I know it’s after an entire year of you positing this forum, bump btw, but I made a subscription system, you can find it here.