In-Game/Studio Image corruption (Textures and Decals)


Hello everyone, so recently I’ve been working on a game. I’ve been using textures and decals like normal however yesterday I started to notice the textures having a weird line pattern (after I saved) and the decals have a weird movement to them (after I saved). Its kind of hard to explain without showing you so I’ve linked a video below.

However, I noticed the corruption only effected some of the images. So I re-did the texture by re-uploading it. It was fixed, until I saved and exited out again… Pretty much this bug keeps occurring and I really need it fixed to launch so the map doesn’t look terrible with corrupted images everywhere.

PS: I’ve checked and neither of these actual decals are corrupt. (and yes I own the texture for 2/3 of them.)


I’m on a 2019 MacBook Air version 10.14.6 running studio’s latest version 0.461.0.416397.


  • Enable Team Create (Might effect it not sure, can’t seem to reproduce that easily.)
  • Place a decal and or texture on a mesh or block.
  • Save and re-enter the studio session.


(I do have one that is on a block but I prefer to send it in private DMs to not give away what project I’m making.)


This looks like LoD is misbehaving. As you know, it’s critical you provide a repro for this issue. You can submit files and asset IDs privately to the bug files group mentioned in the bug report requirements, and link to that DM here.


I just got the same issue too, everything was fine until I opened my studio.

Sorry for bad res. pictures, it is like this while editing and testing in studio, but everything is fine in Roblox player.

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