In need of 3D Modelers for Project Raven's Eye{CLOSED}

About me:
Hey, I’m Nexo_os and I’m working on a game called Raven’s Eye.

About the game:
Raven’s Eye is basically a survival game. You find items that aid you in survival. You need to keep your vitals from dropping too low, you need to stay away from mutant creatures that can kill you, and you need to defend your self from other hostile players.


  • Can use blender or 3ds max
  • Must be experienced and be able to work quickly
  • Can work with a detailed low-poly style
  • Able to make character rigs
  • Able to make large scale maps

How the game currently looks:


  • Payment will be given percentages of the money made from the game

Current Devs:

Interested? Contact me at:
Discord: Nexoos#6119


By chance would you need a music compose for the game?

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