In need of a scripter

I cannot script at all and am in need of assistance. I need someone to create a tool for these:
(each set of elements will use the same animations, they just throw a different brick)

This is based off of the show Avatar, so there would be one tool for each section, but each one would throw a different element. How I want the tool to work, is when you hit “Q” with the tool selected, followed by clicking your mouse, you’d fire the first small attack. Pressing “R”, followed my left mouse would fire the middle attack, and pressing “T” followed by left click would fire the final large attack. Each element would have all three attacks compacted into one tool.

I apologize if I explained this poorly, my thoughts on it are a little scrambled. But if anyone can create this for me, please contact my Skype (which is on my profile) and we can talk about what is a fair price for it. I’m willing to listen to whatever number you think is fair.

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