In need of café structural tips

Hello everyone, nice talking to everyone again it’s been a while since I’ve been on here.

Anyways onto the main topic I wanted to know what are tips on making café structures from start to finish?

I’ve struggled with this genre of building and wanted to expand my knowledge and skills with building/modeling, I am pretty awful at creativity so hopefully someone could explain how I could overcome this problem I am having!


I recommend getting an real life café to base it on.
Some small things you do are:

  1. Beams on top
  2. Decor (Base it on the season)
  3. Stick to a theme
  4. Treading
  5. Colors to stick to

Anytime I’m stuck for ideas I just go online and look at real life structures. They don’t even have to be of the item you are building, you can search for images of structure beams, or funky windows, or steampunk tables etc. to give you inspiration.
You may see something that intrigues you, or that you can say 'that looks cool, but if it changed (whatever detail you want) it will look even better in my place".

As far as an actual building, use really basic Parts to block out the walls of your spaces. I use single Part doors in the open position to make sure spacing and layout works. Test play it and walk through it to get a feel for it and imagine a few players in the space. Will it work if you have 4 people in too small an area?
Don’t spend a huge amount of time making a really detailed room, then realize it’s the wrong size for people/doors/furniture and will need to be completely rebuilt.


Use the reference of a real cafe.


Referencing other cafes is your best option. Try looking for special objects, such as lights, beams, etc.