In need of feedback for a custom wizard NPC

So I got interested in making custom npcs and I decided to make one. Ive just finished it and im just not sure what I could do to make this better / how to decorate such avatars in case I want to make them in the future.

Do you guys have any tips / feedback?


it looks amazing! i wouldn’t change anythng.

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First of all good work. It looks very nice for a low/medium Polly game and just look very smooth.

I don’t think you should change this much at all as I do feel like it looks very nice simple like this. You could although put some like moons on it as well I guess. I typed into google wizard which I am guessing it is suppose to look like and lots of them have moons in. I will leave some reference images below of the type of thing I found.

Photo Examples


Something I would also say is add a face on him as I think it would look lots better.

As I said it looks great and I really don’t think you should add anything major to it.

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The wand is pretty weird. Like you have a plain stick that has cool magic coming out of it.

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You should tie the belt just like the photo in @LifeDigger

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You see I personalty think it looks more then just stick from a very small feature which is the string/rope on it just makes it look like a NPC of this style would carry.

I notice the rope part, but in my opinion, in kinda makes the wand look more, like, beginner and old, meanwhile, having a cool effect that doesn’t match in my opinion.

I’ve looked through a couple of these and it reminded me that I should use a lot more refference images since they give me a lot of ideas. Thanks a lot for helping me out

I added a little square to the belt however; i did this before modeling the beard. I later on noticed that it became useless. Ill make sure to try it next time i start up my pc. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I do agree, I wasnt fully sure what to do with the wand but I knew I needed something similar. Ill try out some different designs which match better than the current effect

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Oh yea also I forgot to say you could add some type of shoe which I feel also would make it look a little better. Although it may seem a minor detail a little I do feel it could change the whole feeling of it if you get what I mean.

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I’ve thought of adding shoes but I scrapped the idea. I never tried it though I will do so. Thanks for the feedback

The Jacket/coat-thing, needs starts!!!

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Maybe make rays of light come out of the jem, like a mythical jem. Add detail to the wisard, a custom face because the faces on roblox are not that good, make it like an older face. can you make the pants where it goes up less?

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Wizard costume is cool, but it doesn’t match the low poly style of the wand, I love that wand, (super creative) but the wizard hat is too high poly.

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I absolutely love that idea for the face. I’ll definitely try some unique designs. And as for the wand I was planning on making it neon and giving it a few rays from the start. Thanks a lot for the feedback!

I do agree i shouldve went for a little more low poly type of costume / hat. I will keep this in mind for the next one. Thanks for the feedback it means a lot!

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