In Need of Help to Achieve Lightning as in Hello Neighbor Prototype build

Hey everyone, this is my first time posting, since I just leveled up to Member.

I’m trying to make the Prototype Build of Hello Neighbor in Roblox.
Currently the scripting is going amazing and the same goes for the rest, except the lightning.
The lightning looks, well, not so similar to the original build.

The lightning of the prototype build looked like this:
Lightning in the prototype build
And my lightning looks like this:

So now to my question/help: I need help making it look very similar to the original build.
I would greatly appreciate any kind of help with this!


I don’t know much about how Lighting works in Roblox Studio, but there’s an interesting article here.

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Hey thank you for telling me! I will look into that. I will keep the topic open for others if they have a answer/response.

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Okay, sounds good! ----------------------

can we see your properties? Maybe i can see whats wrong

i wish i can come there and fix it but u will probably not allow me to edit it so yeah

I already fixed it a LONG time ago, so the bump was not needed, but you couldn’t know, so I’m not gonna call you out for that. I should have posted that I succeeded in the lighting.

Here is a screenshot if you are interested in seeing how it is now:

I prefer not allowing anyone to enter the game edit, I don’t know you very well (yet).