In Need of some feedback

This is my very first low poly map creation. It took some time to create. Please leave some feedback I can improve on in this creation. Dm me if you would also like to buy.


I am very impressed with this especially for a first time build. This is beyond me to give any advice. The only thing I can recommend is to reduce the amount of polygons and meshes in this build to reduce load times if you need efficiency.

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I’d have to say it looks pretty realistic.
You’ve added the perfect amount of vegetation, and it’s extremely detailed.
Keep up the great work!

Very good job for a first timer!. As this is a low poly design, I can’t say much where it hits detail. Colours or material and texture could be added to give it a little more of a realistic feel. The log on the second to last image, seems to be too big by the screenshot.

Anything else I would say is it possible to get a link to go around and what’s the polygon count

Overall: 9/10

For a first time creation this is exceptional. Although I feel it is a little too bright but that could just be the fog.

I completely am in love with the style and how you’ve been able to match colour palettes and shapes.

If it was me, I’d try shadow map or some cool sun rays; depending on what the map is going to be used for! This is exceptional for a first time build. If this was going to be for an adventure map, some animals and custom plants would be cool! I’d love to walk through it either way.


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I think this place looks really nice! Honestly to me the place looks way to bright to me. Some darker grass and leaf colors would look nice.

The area that can use the most improvement is color selection and the lighting. The color choices you made make the map seem very muted and flat as opposed to popping with different “layers” of colors. This can be improved by either picking more saturated colors and/or varying the shades used for different objects. For example, the small hills with grass on top are all the exact same shade of green/grey, and the rocky hills bordering the map are all nearly identical in color, giving it a flat wall sort of appearance.

The modelling is done pretty well, though, so good job on that! :slight_smile:

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I think that’s a pretty neat map. There’s a right amount of detail in it, it’s not flat, the space is filled with the right amount of objects and there’s even a waterfall to add the overall look of the scenery. Overall, for a first low poly map, this is great!

This is really impressive and is very soft to look at, absolutely love the waterfall especially.

Now everything is pretty flat, so it’d be nice to see a bit of layering and depth to the whole area. Maybe some grass, like the little rocks you have to add a little bit more. Some flowers and small things to add some color so it’s not all the same general shade. Definitely stay within the palette you’re using though as it looks really really good.

It looks very nice! I like the surrounding mountain walls and the river.

My only advice would be to vary your color palette a little bit more so it feels less monotone.

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This is an astounding creation! However, I believe adding some small huts and tents would make it stand out. From what I see I rate it a 9/10.

Looks really nice! There’s honestly not much to say, it looks clean and professional. I would recommend (just for aesthetics) to maybe add something with more color (instead of green) to get a variety.

Nice work!

This is very impressive for an first time. But there are some points that might improve your building

[1] Adding more collor for more variety.
[2] Try the shadowmap lightning

Overall ill give it an 9/10

Keep up the amazing work!

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Hi! For this being your first low-poly map, I say it’s very impressive! There are only a few things that I’d add/do. In the picture below, you need to add some rocks, trees, or just anything that involves wildlife.

Another thing that you can do is add more variations of colors just to brighten up the map.

Overall, I’d give it a 9/10. This is a very well made, first low-poly map.

I think the color-scheme and general look of the nature is awesome! I would say 1 lakeside cabin would really contrast and take up some much needed space by the shore if this is just a passion project.
Good luck!

This is a amazing map piece, you have created since this is your “first low poly map”. I think you have done a incredible job on it. Like the color scheme and all the different details, you added to it. Very impressive it looks really good and detailed well done !!

The map looks a little flat it would be good. If you added some depth to the whole area, you could add some cabins, logs, branches, grass, flowers, tree stumps, ect. Just to give it some details These are just some things you could add to your map. And other different little details you could, implement onto your map as well different style of trees! Overall you have done a decent job, on your first low poly map!

Anyways, keep it up. The modelling is done really well good job!

Coming from someone who nearly builds low poly exclusively, this looks great!

Darker grass and trees would be nice but your work was great.
Keep up the good work!

Overall rating: 8/10 :star:

This is old but still needs to be said: I’m the original creator of that low poly map. I contacted the dev forum and tried to get Eggatation’s response, and almost immediately he took down the showcase but didnt respond to me. The pictures you see were created by me. I made it for a friend but they ended up not needing it, so I titled it “Poly Meadows”
(dont know how he exported it or uncopylocked it)