In Noise - Rake model

Hello Anthropomorphic organisms. I have been working on a rake model thats heavily inspired by rake from In Silence. Here are some pics and renders i took:

Is this a W model? let me know in the comments and be sure to punch the hell out the like and subscribe button!


After a thorough investigation, I can comfortably come to this following conclusion:
w model


As I am observing your model, it looks like a W model to me.


:moyai: model indeed you got there…
Anyways how long did it took to make?

I started yesterday, modeled it about 90% that day, today i modeled it some more, rigged it, textured it, and boom


This model looks VERY good and high quality. It looks very scary and pretty realistic. Nice job on it!

I think the model itself looks pretty good, but the texturing / coloring doesn’t do this model any justice. I feel you need to work on that a little. Otherwise great work!

Its true, the seams are extremely visible cuz i just started texturing