In Plain Sight 2 - v2.3 Changelogs

Version: v2.3.0

Black Market

  • Added a completely new shop, the Black Market
  • Operates on a timed schedule, refreshing every day to display new items
  • In the offers section, 6 small slots and 1 large slot are open for items each day
  • The Black Market sells a new type of item, Laser Modules
    • Laser Modules change the appearance of your camera’s lasers
    • They can be different colors, gradients, and patterns
    • Gradient and pattern Laser Modules (large slot) cost $350,000
    • Solid color Laser Modules (small slot) cost $150,000
    • Any Laser Module can be equipped in the Black Market storage section
    • There are 16 new Laser Modules to purchase


  • Updated the settings menu
    • Renamed the General section to Lobby
    • Added a new Gameplay section
    • Added two new mobile settings to the Gameplay section
      • Toggle double-tap to steal
      • Toggle double-tap to switch camera location


  • Discount system changes
    • There is now a timer to show the remaining time of the discount
    • No longer observes daylight savings time
  • Updated the money purchasing menu


  • On mobile, items are now stolen when the tap is released (or the double-tap, if applicable)
  • Updated Greenhorn
    • Rocks placed by other Greenhorns who have left the game can now be removed
    • Decreased the regional threshold for invalid block placement
    • Now has animations for summoning and removing rocks
  • Updated Limps
    • Zombie NPCs now fall to the floor after completing the spawning animation
    • Prevented zombie NPCs from spawning in or through walls
  • Updated Ben the Banana
    • Fixed the ability sound effects not being controlled by the volume settings
    • Now has an animation for placing bananas
  • Santa is no longer flung while using his present and jumping


  • Updated the camera laser visual
    • Further offset the effect from the camera
    • The effect no longer sometimes clips into the ground
    • Updated the colors of the default red laser effect
  • Rainbow Lasers gamepass changes
    • Now a full rainbow gradient instead of random colors
    • Now can be swapped out for any other Laser Module
    • Gamepass price raised to R$79 (from R$49)
  • Infinity Gauntlet is now named Content Monitor
    • New model (credits to Arceusdon)
    • Updated the description, ability name, and ability description
    • Updated the theming of the ability
  • Shadow is now named Silencer
    • New model (credits to Arceusdon)
    • Updated the description and ability name
    • The ability itself is unchanged
  • Chaingun is now correctly affected by Subzero’s ability while using Chaingun’s active ability
  • Laser Pointer now correctly ignores NPCs in the server-side hitreg
  • Fixed a visual bug with the information text change effects in the camera round UI

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a visual bug where the missions board showed only 1 mission until the next replication cycle after purchasing a refresh
  • Fixed some edge cases where abilities could be activated during an invalid state

Version: v2.3.1


  • Added a new gameplay option, the Randomizer
  • Can be configured in the inventory menu of the thief and camera shops
  • When enabled, the Randomizer will pick a random thief/camera and a random skin (if owned) automatically when starting a round
  • By default, it will not pick any Outlawed rarity characters, but give you a +10% cash multiplier in the round
  • Turning on Outlawed characters in the Randomizer cancels the +10% cash multiplier
  • Configuring the randomizer affects both thieves and cameras and does not save between sessions


  • Updated the shop sale chat notification to clarify which shops it applies to
  • Added a chat message to notify the server when the Black Market’s offers refresh
  • Fixed the aspect ratio scaling on many UIs
  • Updated the character inventory UI


  • Police Station changes
    • Removed 2 filing cabinets across the map
    • Merged the server and office rooms into one
    • Increased the size of the window in the office
    • Removed the server room camera location
  • Changed some items’ prices
    • Explorer’s Bag now 4w 110v (from 4w 130v)
    • Rusted Mark I now 4w 150v (from 4w 200v)
    • Seized Gold now 10w 350v (from 10w 400v)
    • Evidence Box now 5w 120v (from 5w 150v)
    • Duffel Bag now 5w 130v (from 4w 130v)
    • Dynamite now 3w 90v (from 3w 110v)
    • Server now 4w 100v (from 4w 150v)
    • Weapon now 3w 90v (from 3w 100v)


  • Medusa now anchors zombie NPCs when petrifying them


  • The camera intro cutscene now says what camera you’re playing
  • Corrected the center of mass of Exterminator’s projectile, allowing it to roll more predictably