In response to the 'oof' sound discussion

Well I wasn’t expecting this kind of response but i’m glad that this situation has gotten better. Thank you for clarifying this I was a little worried about it but i’m glad that its hopefully solved.


If you look into the sound id it says his name.


Okay I will make sure to check that out so I can confirm it.


It’s great to see that Roblox has publicly spoken to developers about this situation, as it has definitely been a concern to those who have been in the loop recently. I have to be real and say that it has escalated quite quickly within the last week, and it’s better late than never for Roblox to address their side of the story.

What has been said definitely makes sense from both angles of the conversation, and definitely adds some light to the fiasco that has commenced. I’m not sure what resolution could be made, considering that if Tommy doesn’t actually own copyright for the Oof sound after all, then surely you guys shouldn’t be oblidged to do anything?


Thank you so much for letting me understand the situation, but I still have questions.

First of all, he states he is gonna take it to court.He loses the court if he doesn’t have a copyright right? And if Tommy doesn’t have copyright, I don’t think he’il do it.

Second, both of you have different situations about where you get the “oof” sound. From the CD-ROM or from an illegal website? If it is a CD-ROM, you must provide us with proof.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see Tommy in the community. I think the Roblox community on Twitter will help Tommy understand how its success is built by the community.


What follows is unbased speculation, but even if the sound file’s metadata indicates they made the audio, it doesn’t immediately disprove Roblox’s statement here; possibly Tommy made the audio for, or licensed the audio to, whoever made the CD-ROM Roblox allegedly purchased and took the sound from.

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There were lots of confusion but this definitely cleared it up. Can’t trust Twitter sometimes…


Thank you so much for clarifying everything! nwn


Glad this could be cleared up, caused a lot of controversy.


Its great to see this post to address this issue. I have stood firm on my backing of ROBLOX 100% during this issue while getting berated by his supporters.


Good to see roblox speaking out to try and resolve this growing problem, best of luck getting this issue dealt with.


Thanks for clearing this up, a lot of fake information was given out and I was unsure of what was going on myself.


Sort of Yes and Sort of no. It depends on the situation if Tommy intentionally tried to spread false information to damage Roblox’s image, they may have a case for slander. However, this post doesn’t provide credible evidence to fully prove Roblox Corporation’s innocence in this case and more or so just a PR Statement trying to try to give their position. (Like for instance, It’s perfectly possible that the creator of that supposed royalty-free CD-ROM didn’t get permission from Tommy to distribute the “OOF” Sound Effect.)

Editors Note: As you can expect Tommy responded as he should have to deny that statement entirely and telling the public that the CD-ROM Theory I had was correct. And as I said, this doesn’t mean anyone is in the right or wrong yet, it’s just mainly messages from both sides of the story with really no real evidence other then the meta data in the audio being publicly known. (if there’s going to be a legal case, all of that would be in the lawsuit form from the courts.)


I am still pretty confused. Is the iconic ‘Oof’ sound staying in the platform, or being removed although he’s joined the community?


WIll classic/pre-UGC avatar bodies and heads (like the default blocky 1.0 body, the Roblox-made bundles/former-packages, the default Robloxian head and the Roblox-made heads on the avatar shop, etc.) still be available to use on our avatars? Or will they be completely removed?


Thanks for clearing things out but roblox will never be the same without the Oof sound :pensive:


Personally I think that inviting Tommy to the roblox community is a great idea, he would be able to see more possibilities in his career.


Very professional response, that’s what I like to see.


They most likely will be removing/replacing the Tommy oof/uuhhh sound. It became a meme after a YouTuber named Whimee (though a friend of mine was using the sound before Whimee did) started using the sound in videos, and he called it “uuhhh” but the meme community subsequently called it “oof” which is interesting. Since Roblox did a survey with different “game over” sounds recently, one or some of the sounds from that survey have the potential to become usable official death/game-over sounds in Roblox for your games, which will be cool and a good alternative to the now-controversial oof/uuhhh sound.


I guess, or just have customizable sound effects for your character would be a better idea imo, since most of the users doesn’t like the new death sounds