In The Guidelines There Should Be A Section About Blaming Other Users Of Saying Things They Didn’t Say

So there’s a problem in the DevForum, which I will say in one sentence:
There’s people taht accuse other people of saying things they didn’t say, like saying bad things redirected to another User like:
User1: “Hi how are you?”
User2 “Hey you can’t say those things in the DevForum, why did you just say [put content that is against another user taht is bad] to me?”
User1 “I never said that!”
User2 “Here’s an image:
[dark image showing User1 saying bad things to User2], I will flag you and you will get banned”
User1 gets permanently banned because User2 accused him of saying bad thigns

I didn’t see anything in the Guidelines against this, so there should be one, with at least a 1 Strike punishment

I believe this fits in Global Rule 1, it states:

Personal attacks are when something negative is said about a person, rather than said about their behavior or their work. Even if the negative statement is true, personal attacks are not allowed here.

It goes without being said that there should be no accusations in the devforum at all as it is a place where developers can learn and get feedback from others.

However, if you find yourself in that situation, you should try to gather as much evidence as possible to back yourself up. This could be done in multiple ways, but I would try to get the actual link to the post and state how the other user fabricated the post/screenshot.

Also, keep in mind that moderators will not ban you without actual evidence, aka links.

I agree. If anyone is having trouble understanding what @Dede_4242 means, they mean this:

Yes, it does, but it is not very enforced. I don’t see it happen very much though.

Adding a rule for every niche case is a great way to make the rules too long for anyone to read. Use the flag button, behaving maliciously is always inappropriate.

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