In what case can a developer be sued rather than Roblox being the one to take a hit?

With Shinobi Life 2 being taken down due to copyright (and games before such as Roblox Pokemon games), it’s quite interesting to see how games have turned around (mainly anime games) to avoid having the same issue. Of course, a strike is inconvenient but won’t totally bring you to court, however it does beg the question: How far is Roblox willing to go to protect its developers?

I understand that the company that took down Shinobi Life 2 has all the right to do so but communicated with Roblox instead of the developers themselves which suggest that Roblox is the “front lines” when it comes to copyright strikes from companies.

What kind of stuff does a developer need to do to be sued by these large companies (and even small) with Roblox themselves being out of the way of these companies?

In most cases they don’t sue, they simply demand for it to be taken down.

Has there ever been a case where a Roblox developer has been sued? I’m reading up on it and can only find developers trying to sue other developers (which is expected), but from a company doesn’t seem to be the case.

The only reason a dev would probably be sued by a company is if they refused to take down the game, but they don’t really have a choice since Roblox takes it down. So as far as I am aware, no.

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I don’t think that your game will get removed from roblox because you have there a lot of other content, not only 1 anime or copy of other game. Your game is unique that’s why it won’t be taken down.

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