In what way do you think Story Games could possibly improve in the future?

I know recently on Roblox there’s been a lot of Story Games that have popped up because of Camping lately, but they all seem to be moreless copied, and don’t have anything quite unique to it except for some of the storytelling.

I made this topic to ask you guys how you think Story Games could improve in the future, or if they would die down? I know they already have a little bit, but none of them have really been THAT unique I feel like.

Please feel free to reply down below and criticize if you’d like, I don’t mind and I’m just wanting to hear your opinions on this.


It’s hard to explain. Some of the Camping-inspired games are good, but some, well, they are still good, but they don’t have that “Camping” feel like some do. I feel that for some games, such as this one, you can see that there wasn’t much effort put into the builds, as the house doesn’t have much detail. I love Story Games a lot, and hope to see more.

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Reject modernity,

Return to traditional single player horror.

or maybe not if u want.

Edit: Yeah I would like playing these games with a buddy pls im scare.

Also I’ll point out some improvements for the camping inspired games which is well the story which some inspired games are lacking in that aspect.

Sometimes cutscene dialogue is not needed. The original camping does this with plenty of visual clues you can give like the bear trap, scratches on the tree that really give the ominous vibe that you have to explore the campsite to find out which there’s plenty of time to do. These two games I listed also somewhat demonstrate that.

Yeah, there are already several tutorials on the topics on the main aspect of the story games already, due to the former popularity of the camping type games:


Story games need voice actors, no more poison food or poison food jokes and need a really good storyline.


Usually when I play these story games it is single player for me because everyone else go oof. :joy:

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Idk if you’ve played ours yet, but let me know what you think!


I think so, adding voice acting will improve the games and it could also open a new job for people in the community.


Recategorised to Game Design Support. This is less about a general platform development topic and more about brainstorming for a specific type of game. Concept building can go in the Game Design Support category. There’s also, in general, a lot of threads regarding the creation of and lifetime of linear progression games on Roblox - feel free to search those up and check the replies of those.

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I think they should add something more than the typical monster, it could be something else. :slight_smile:

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  1. Not being exactly like each other, for example if you play a story game, you already know there is going to be parkour, you know the main character is almost everytime the villain, all camping games are the same, there is no new things.
    (By camping games i mean story games)

  2. Having a thing that makes you want to keep playing, story games at the moment some of them have different endings and some have achievements, but that’s not a reason you would want to play it again, because you can just watch someone else play it.

  3. New genres, all roblox story games are basically the same thing, you go in, the npc shows you around, you get your mind in the game, the npc goes potty, the monster shows up, he kills half the people in the game, the npc comes back and pretends there wasn’t a slaughter party in his campsite, everyone goes in a cave, parkour and more parkour, wow the npc was the monster all this time? Wow i wasn’t expecting that, you get my point. Games need more genres, horror, adventure, action, comedy, they need to get the players more into the game.

I got excited while writting this, great topic!

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Being made too tell an actual story.
Many story games nowadays have simplistic stories and just function as cash grabs.

The best preforming story games are those with replay-ability, action and a semi complex story.
For example piggy. It has a genuinely interesting story however simple it may be that spans over multiple distinct areas.

I have some answers.

The first story game that succeeds to get through the first page of popular games on Roblox is Piggy. It is a very interesting story and it has a lot of mysterious stuffs about it. There’s like youtubers trying to make theories about this, they are like MatPat from Game Theory trying to solve the mystery of Piggy which is kinda like FNAF’s full story.

What makes players and theorists want to find secrets to piece up the story is the quality of the story. I mean, if your gonna make a short and boring story, no one is gonna ever read your story, because you don’t have any secrets about the story and the story seems not interesting, resulting your story is pretty straightforward and no confusions to make the theorist mad and try to find the puzzle pieces of the story and piece those up together.

In conclusion, good story games Roblox games definitely has a huge impact on Roblox, as it attracts people to find the secrets of the story and try to piece it together to make the story hasn’t logic sense. As long as these stories had a good attraction, a huge impact will come to the future of Roblox.

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There’s a misunderstanding in the meaning of “Story Games”. Games similar to camping aren’t story games, single-player games like It Lurks which tell a story with a climax, intensity, and suspense. Those are good story games and they actually have a meaningful story, games like camping could have a good story. However, I have not seen a single camping game that had me interested in what’s going to happen next. Oh no, the water is rising, oh no the sandwich was poisoned. These games have characters with the most linear personality and I honestly think they have good potential, people just don’t use that potential to it’s fullest.

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Camping it’s self was certainly a story game however the copy cats of it tend too lack said story.
The core game is a “who dun it” but we already know who it is, that dark monster of course however it’s end twist is unlike anything on roblox at the time.
The greater story is a tail of a murderer, mercilessly killing their family and going on too kill others.
There where clues hidden through the games too show what was actually going on however you’d have too be observant to catch them.

A simplistic plot definitely however for it’s time it was quite creative.