Inaccurate calculation of group funds displayed

I recently opened my game and have had some revenue come in. It has been 72 hours and I just started to see the robux role in. But something seems off…


It says I should have gotten 3,326R$, but in the top left of the image you can see I only got 2,682R$ (i also had 499R$ before some robux started coming in).

Am I missing something?

EDIT: Okay so my full amount of robux came in for that day, but my sale of goods says a much higher number than what I did receive. Is the sale of goods calculated before tax? I’m pretty sure its not, because the math doesn’t add up. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like now;


Sales of goods does not include tax.

With information provided for the first situation it seems like this is, or is close to, the case. For the second situation it seems this would make sense wth payout and having previous funds.

If you need to find robux after tax simply multiply Robux * 0.7

Hope this helps.

IMO, having the sale of goods be calculated before tax is just confusing. For this exact reason. When the robux start coming in after the 72 hour waiting period, you see your robux coming in, but you see the sale of goods saying a way higher number. That alone should be enough not to have it calculated that way.


The math does not add up.

As you can see in the first photo, Sale of goods = 3,326 and the group funds are 2,682

3,326 * 0.7 = 2,328

2,328 + 499(the amount of robux in the group before robux came in) = 2,827

If the Sale of Goods is calculated before tax or not, something is wrong.

I agree, that seems weird.

Honestly, the only further advice I can give you is to add up every transaction (purchase after tax, payout, etc) ever made with the group.

While I am not saying I don’t believe you, the only logical explanation (other than if ROBLOX is actually calculating funds wrong) is that you had R$300 in funds before these transaction came in.

Best of luck solving your issue.

Yeah, I tried that too. The math still didn’t add up :frowning:

Here is a clearer idea of what we are looking at.


As you can see the total amount of Sale of Goods = 12,073

12,073 * 0.7 = 8,451

Still doesn’t add up :man_shrugging:

I don’t have any issues regarding losing robux or anything, I got the amount I was supposed to. The reason for this post is just to bring attention to the miscalculation, or to just get rid of showing the Sale of Goods before tax. It just causes confusion.

Same happen to my group and I think the problem is how roblox calculate the Sale Of Goods in first place
I think roblox calculate it in a wrong way but the amount u get is the right amount

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All funds displayed on that screen are after tax.

Do you have any automatic distribution of funds?

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Hi @ObstacleIsland
I think this is because Roblox has to calculate the amount of Robux transferred and sometimes that process can take quite a while. It’s nothing to fret about. If you DO run into an issue which is directly obvious and related to Group Funds, you can email Roblox and they will sort something out.
Hope this helps

I am not sure if it is being calculated wrong or what but my sale of goods is much higher than available funds… and i have not spent anything yet.


I am also seeing this issue. My Group Funds amount is about 83% of my listed Sale of Goods amount.

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My group has also been experiencing this issue for the past two or three weeks. I’m confident that my Sales of Goods is after the tax (when comparing to the Place Statistics page); yet my group’s funds is about 85% of my group’s Sales of Goods.

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Actually calculations like that should be instant… I can’t see what you’re replying to, but there is a 3 day wait on purchases if that’s what you mean?

So I speculated that about a month after releasing my game, Roblox decided to not count the 30% cut into total group revenue anymore and is why I was getting a weird discrepancy of about 80-85%.

Now, I’m unsure if that was an intentional change or if it was always like that but that is just from our experience.

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I think you may be right, because my Sale of Goods is also looking more accurate, but is still not 100% accurate. My group funds only have a discrepancy of about 90% now. So I assume they fixed this problem? (or atleast made it somewhat more accurate lol :man_shrugging:)