Inaccurate Sponsoring Estimates/Results

What is the bug?

Today my partners and I sponsored a game for 100,000 robux. 50,000 robux on PC and 50,000 on tablet. The results were shockingly disappointing, for a game that did 150% (+50% in profit) at 35,000 robux will probably cost us 30,000-40,000 robux. We have received max 500 players on at once (for a few minutes), our daily average falling between 350-420 players. When the game was sponsored for 35,000 robux, it gave the exact same amount of players. It’s common sense to think that the more robux you put it, the more people will see the sponsored ad, the more people will join. The impressions were exactly the same between a 100k sponsor and 35k sponsor!!!

Roblox gave us an estimate of just about 50,000,000+ impressions, we have received half of that. This is unacceptable, it costs us dearly if Roblox’s statistics or estimates are flawed.

Just above it shows the game sponsored on the same platform, it did significantly better in ratio with an 11,000 sponsor (11,000,000 impressions.) Meaning 50,000 sponsors (22,000,000 impressions), should be in the range of (40-50 million impressions), we were estimated 50,000,000. Before you state that it’s an estimate, being 50% off on an estimate is unacceptable, I understand within a range of 15%-20%. We paid for 50,000,000 impressions, robux doesn’t grow on trees.

What we want to be done about this situation.

  • An admin to look into of what might have occurred, being 50% off on an estimate is unfair. People trust roblox as a platform to grow their game through advertisements and sponsoring. It shouldn’t be a risk of losing your robux, on a profitable game.

  • If Roblox is truly faulty, we would like some of the robux reimbursed or if Roblox can run the sponsorship again (at a rate adjusted to what we’ve lost from the given estimate) for another 24 hours.

As a person who invests my robux earnings, I am seriously worried about what happened in today’s events.

The game: RPG Adventures! ⚔️ - Roblox


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