Inaction from Roblox support

I am extremely dissatisfied with current state of Roblox support. The issue I am going to describe has been happening to many developers and surely must be solved.

Many people are experiencing false voice chat suspensions and the issue has been happening for months not for days. Personally, I have confronted with it THRICE already which is dreadful according to the fact I cannot normally appeal since it is surprisingly pointless especially when it comes to voice chat.

Whenever I get false voice chat suspension and try to appeal I always get rejected WITHOUT ANY REASON given. (It is already my 3rd voice chat ban for a week for no reason)

According to the proof I have sent we can observe that Roblox support does not provide you with the reason which basically means you cannot be sure what you have commited.

Right after I asked for the reason I got suspended for I got that answer:

What is more ridiculous that I am 100% convinced I have not violated anything and the fact I cannot even appeal makes me lose sense of Roblox support.

It would be really awesome if they actually provided you with the reason or at least attempted to review the case and actually help you get rid of the false suspension.


Here is another topic which proves I am not the only person that experienced this.

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Hello @Kluckson!

As an experienced community member, I disagree with some of your statements, because Roblox has very advanced moderation and moderation tools.

It is possible that AutoMod has suspended you by mistake or accident, but if you have appealed and been rejected, it is no longer a mistake. Obviously, you won’t get your voice chat access back for a while because you violated some part of the Community Guidelines.

I understand that you want them to give you the reason, but on the one hand they are not obliged to, and on the other hand Roblox is working hard 24 hours a day to improve moderation and correct any errors.

To help guarantee your safety and the safety of the overall community, all voice interactions are subject to the same reporting and moderation systems, including voice recording.

Voice recordings should never be released to users, only to law enforcement agencies.

I hope you understand that this is extremely important and that I am not writing this message out of spite!
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

Best regards,

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I understand and agree on what you said, but in this case I am 100% convinced I did not violate the rules. Briefly, I was playing for like an hour and was having some casual conversations in Russian language which was ABSOLUTELY peaceful. How come I got automatically suspended for talking to people in different language? If I actually violated something then I would not complain because I would comprehend it. And as I mentioned before, it happened to me thrice already which gets on my nerves a bit especially when you have to wait weeks for something you have not done in order to get unbanned. How am I supposed to prove that I am innocent and just wanted to have fun with friends or just talk to people?

Thank you very much for your reply and for expressing your concern! While you were playing in a game, did you turn on any music/audio?

what do you mean roblox is not obliged to provide a moderation reason? does this mean roblox can ban any user at any given time without any actual reason? how does this not appear problematic?

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Absolutely not, I was casually talking like everyone else and that is it.

Thank you! Probably because of the language barrier, they could not decide whether or not you had committed an offence. I am very sorry that you have experienced this on Roblox and I hope that you will get access to the feature as soon as possible!

If you have questions or anything else I can help you with, feel free to contact me!