Inappropriate Machine Translation

Reproduction Steps
There are no particular steps to reproduce this issue, however, if you enable machine translations for Russian, there is a chance of an inappropriate machine translation showing up. For an instance, this is the second case of “Striptease” popping up in a translated game title.

Similar Translation [PATCHED]


Expected Behavior
I expect the word to translate into “Roleplay”, not striptease.

Actual Behavior
“Roleplay” gets translated into striptease.

Disable machine translations for Russian.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: SCP: Roleplay - Roblox
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Sometimes


Thanks for the report regarding Machine Translation. Our team has identified the issue and resolved it. Please clear the translation from your game and a new translation will be created.


Thank you! The game is not mine, and I can’t clear the translation unfortunately.

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Since Roblox is the provider of the automatic translations, it seems like Roblox should be the instigator here. If Roblox fixes an issue with an automatically translated entry, it should be recomputed for all games that use it.

(As a one-off I understand it’s faster for the dev to do it, but I feel like the process can be automated)


Hey, SCP: Roleplay developer here! I’ve forwarded it to the owner.


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