'Inappropriate place name or description' for certain *.roblox.com links and Date format

Right before I create this post, I tried to edit game description and It keeps show this error when there are certain *.roblox.com links and Date (2020/mm/dd)


The game: 💥Base Wars! [ Attack Helicopter Revamp! ] - Roblox

The Full Description Text that will trigger the error:

Fight with various weapons, Capture facilities and endless battle!
Classic shooter game since 2009! 
Award: RGC 2012 User’s Choice Game of the Year

► Update every other Saturday.
Latest Update: 2020/05/23 (v21.1.0)
Latest Hotfix: 2020/05/27 (v21.1.0b) 
Next Scheduled Update will be on 2020/06/06

► Update Log: 
► How to View Full Map: 
► Game Rules: 
► Other Works - Zealous Fighter
► Test Server

► Community:
Check 'Social Links' below.

After I did some attempted, I found out these:

The following phases will trigger the error


The following links will trigger also the error:


Edit: I have removed all of the ‘►’ on the live game description and seems it works now.
Replacing ‘►’ to Emoji 'such as :memo:, :video_game: and :wrench:. Will also trigger the error.
These icon and emojis suppose to be working before.


You can’t represent links with text, so your update log, full map and rules links should just be their URL.

Try representing the dates as 6 June 2020 instead of 2020/06/06 to see if that helps.

The links are all allowed if you put them in as just the URL, so after that change I doubt they’d cause problems.


They are represented as URL in the actual game description. They are just auto converted on DevForum.
I have edited them so it should show as Preformatted text now.

I have changed the date as ‘6 June 2020’ and it works on live game description
However ‘yyyy/mm/dd’ suppose to work in the past so I hope roblox will fix this issue.

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They might be misinterpreting it as a birth date, so to protect against people giving away personal information it is not accepted.

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Well, that makes no sense. If I’m not able to say I was born 2003/07/12 (not my real birthday) but I am able to say 12 July* 2003, there is no reason Roblox should be filtering that.


I agree. There’s plenty of cases where the filter arbitrarily blocks something that could be stated another way.

If I had to take a guess at why: Blocking all dates would be really restrictive. Blocking dates in a format that you tend to see date of birth and very rarely see other information seems like a reasonable place to start.

I’m not guaranteeing that’s the actual reason, just an educated guess based on many battles with the filter. I was just offering up some context and helping the OP identify other ways of achieving what they’re after in the meantime.

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I also have the same problem, but not with links. Instead, i’m encountering the “Inappropriate place name or description” whenever i put my username in the description.

I don’t really know what’s wrong with my username. It wasn’t inappropriate when i changed my username to my current one.


Apparently the digits cause the “Inappropriate place name or description” message. I’ve had this issue as well.

You can change your Devforum links to:



I tried using Johnsboro as a name for a project I’m working on and ROBLOX rejected it, but when I used Jonesboro, they took it.

That’s something that they definitely need to look at.

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I’ll bump this again.

I found another issue with the filter. Once again I had to rewrite the description it turns out it was because just changed the date (to let people know the game updated) from 6/8/21 to 6/15/21. I have no idea why that gets it filtered.