Inappropriate Warning

I have uploaded a thumbnail to my ROBLOX game, It is a simple roblox screenshot with the text “Vibe Room” slapped in the bottom right corner. (Not to mention my previous thumbnails are the same and are not moderated) I attempted to upload the thumbnail to Roblox, as I was in studio, it kicked me off. I refreshed my roblox page to see I got a warning from roblox because of the thumbnail, what was inappropriate about it? I’m starting to think It was the Alcohol looking drink, but surely if it were wrong, It wouldn’t be in my game, right? I’ve made previous thumbnails with it in and it did not get taken down.

I have filled a support form and sent it to roblox in hopes of reinstating the image like normal, if not, I’m going to have to redo the thumbnail completely.

I have lost roblox studio progress, and a thumbnail. I wanted to put this on the developer forum in hopes of people getting the same issue as me? I am not trying to speed the process of reinstating the image, rather, get some information regarding this issue.

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It’s probably the fact that the bar type image with the bottle and wine glass didn’t get caught in previous moderations. I know that images with text sometimes get blocked until someone actually looks at it, but if you think about how many images get loaded to Roblox per day that could take a while.


Dude it’s obvious that he’s taking drugs, drinking wine??? And that ain’t allowed.


Its because of the characters holding a drink at a bar.

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The red guy is drinking. It’s obvious why you got a warning for it.

Yeah this is right in the community guidelines.

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I clearly wasn’t thinking, thanks. I’ll completely redo the thumbnail and think next time, lol.

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Alcohol or runes are prohibited on Roblox. That’s why you may have received a warning. Make the man’s description legible if it’s not a drink.

Because Roblox Community Rules are as follows;

Uploaded images must be legible and follow our community guidelines.

You can solve this by notifying Roblox Support or you can appeal. You can also fix the problem by referencing @Mod_Review_Requests.