Incentivize further participation from the community

Currently on the forum, there is near-zero incentive for developers to help other developers. I personally think some kind of status badge on the site or more badges on the devforum would incentivize more activity and allow newer developers to get the help they receive. I have seen experienced developers who have issues with more complex systems sit for weeks with their threads up with zero reply from anybody at all and even smaller threads with smaller bugs may take up to a few days to get a proper response.

Some incentive system whether it be review based, quota based, goal based, etcetera would most likely create a community that will contribute to individual posters rather than just the Community Resources section.

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Jesus christ god no this is a horrendous idea, to put it very nicely

The devforum already has a severe issue with kids posting spam and generally pointless posts lacking any sort of real content solely so they can farm hearts and increase assorted stats on their profile (ie badges) - Heck, I’ve even seen some of them outright admit it that farming stats is literally all they’re here for (not to contribute or be helpful, just to be a waste of internet bandwidth downloading their posts/replies) and some are even proud of having alts to boost their likes (the likes don’t get removed by staff when the alt gets suspended mind you, so alting to boost stats can be done with zero repercussions on your main)

Just being a helpful person, or at the worst case possible just needing help with an easily googled question, should be incentive enough.

Additionally, assuming some sort of system like this does get put in place, here is everything wrong with your ideas:

  • Review based is bad because you already know you’d get flooded with false reviews from people who simply disagree with you
  • Quota based encourages spam by way of requiring a minimum amount of something, meaning kids will be posting as much as possible to meet said quotas, and there’s already enough of that already which is usually getting incorrectly approved by the “moderation” “”“team”“”
  • Goal based is the badges that we already have, and as said above that simply encourages quantity over quality to try and get stuff like the popular link or popular post badges as opposed to simply just posting actual content

I see your point in this however by review based I meant a team of reviewers in general, similar to the Community Post Review team we had previously or the DevRel staff that review non-regular bug reports/feature requests.

I do see what you mean by the spamming and farming stats however there are many developers who are struggling to get the proper assistance they need and something has to be done about this. There are many examples in which help with long scripts or complex functions is requested and the post is never responded to in the end. Google searches are inefficient as the only forums that take Roblox-based input are the devforum and scriptinghelpers (which is super dead). Stackoverflow is almost never used because it is designed for applications and not Roblox games. Feel free to suggest a better solution to the problem but currently the only one I see is forcing developers out of their shells by incentivizing them with something.

You’re fueling the problems such as people farming stats which is the only reason they’re here, and people being proud of having alts to boost their likes, not solving it

sorry if I sounded rude

@cpguy5089 I appreaciate that you posted points in my topic here (lV0rd was just here to farm badges and likes (he said that to me and you found that people just came here to farm stats but at least he did get suspended), and you even spotted a boost account for WHOTEI which is now suspended) and even my former friend used to have a like boosting account


but in this case, you used WHOTEI’s alt account which boosted his likes

though if you do have an alt, then it’s ok to join the forum but it’s NOT ok to boost your stats with your alt (you can use it to experiment stuff for visitors only like how I tested Juan’s feature request and found that you can’t reply to international categories)