Incident ID: 7087094911260470374

I’m trying to open and work on my game, but I keep getting this:

If anyone knows how to fix it I’d really appreciate it

It’s either a server error, or some sort of temporary issue. You can keep trying to see if it eventually loads (this happens to me as well)

ok that’s good news. Is there any way to turn off team create without opening the project? That should solve the problem for now if so.

Oh also, this has been going on since yesterday morning. Does this issue last that long for you?

Nothing I can think of at the moment (you can try looking in Experience settings)

That might be concerning; it usually lasts a few minutes for me (10 at most)

Assuming you don’t care about losing your last team create session progress, you can try directly disabling team create using Roblox APIs

First of all you need to go to in browser and copy the value of the universe id.

When you have the universe id go to the Developer API page, from the “Select a definition” up right change it to v1 and look for the PATCH endpoint. Open it and give it the universe id you copied from earlier(not in browser, from the API page). Change the data you pass in from isEnabled true to isEnabled false and press “Execute”. It should turn off team create for the universe associated with your place(basically your game).

Oh yeah! I had figured it out and forgot to update this, thanks!