Incident Report: Corrupted Place File: Cannot open in Team Create and players stuck in 10 minute loading screen with eventual HTTP 429(flood) error

All players within Vesteria attempting to teleport to the following place are met with an infinite yield:

There is no error or notice in the console.

Attempting to teleport again will return that a teleport is already in progress:

The Roblox teleport screen does not show when using game:GetService(“TeleportService”):Teleport(2471035818, player)

Players who were last on this map are unable to join our game

Edit: after waiting in the game for 10 minutes the following error appears:


When did this start happening?

We noticed this after we shutdown our game for an update an hour ago. We’ve ruled out an issue with our code by directly using game:GetService(“TeleportService”):Teleport(2471035818, player) from the command line, which fails as described above.

We’ve attempted to shutdown all servers but it has not resolved the issue.

After waiting a while this error came up:

Not a single player has been able to enter the place

Hi, is your game streaming enabled?

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Are you still experiencing this issue? It only happens for this placeId?

I’m not having this issue when attempting to teleport from one game to another game.

The issue is ongoing and it only happens for this place id. This place is a major location in our world and anyone who was in that place is now unable to join the game. Walking up to the transition to this map you’ll see tons of trapped players who are experiencing a 10 minute teleport screen.

@martianrobot StreamingEnabled is not on in the affected place, it was also not on in the multiple places we attempted to teleport to it through (including command line teleports)

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There may be something wrong with the specific place file. Can you try publishing the contents of the place to a different place slot and seeing if the issue happens there too?

Another thing you could try is reverting the place to a previous known good version that worked.

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One thing that could be related is a corrupted update? The other day I couldn’t edit/join my game that I was playing not even a few hours earlier until I changed back one update and it fixed.

You might be onto something with the place file being messed up. I can’t even load into the team create to access the place:

(it’s stuck on this screen indefinitely)

We just did a normal update to this map where we added checkpoints and treasure chests like we did to 10 other maps at the same time. No clue what could have corrupted the place.

Edit: still stuck on the loading screen. Confirmed that I was able to open up multiple other places in the game without a problem

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Having the same issue right now on one of our games. Started happening sometime around ~10pm yesterday. Reverting before that unfortunately doesn’t fix it.


We’re actively investigating and will update this thread once we know more.


Thanks for reporting these issues. We shipped a change yesterday that should help fix them. Uploading a slightly modified version of the place should fix this issue; even just moving the camera.

Could the developers who were having issues opening their files confirm whether or not the place files open now?


For future reference Team Create can be disabled via this api.

You can also download your place using the asset url like this:’d=placeId
Just rename it to the .rbxl format and you should be able to edit it and republish it to the place again. I’m not 100% sure if this works with group games but both of these apis have saved me before.

Thank you, the issue has been resolved

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