Include 'W000' Documentation onto the Script Analysis Article

Howdy! In the Script Analysis Tool article with the Learn Roblox category on the Developer Hub, it is a bit hard or impossible to find and learn about what W000 means and how to fix it inside a script in Roblox Studio, for a couple of months now, I always wanted to know a good explanation or a workaround to fix the W000 error in a local variable/string.

A good example of this error on the Developer Hub:

local ROBLOX = "Howdy"

print(string.len(roblox)) --roblox is not capitalized, it should be ROBLOX.
Documentation of W000:

W000: Unknown symbol ‘name’

Any variable that is used for a String or Instance is called a “symbol”. Unfortunately, this means that it’s easy to not capitalize on a certain variable name and forgetting to fix it whenever testing or updating a game. In a script, you would discover this error by testing or running this code inside Roblox Studio, but the Script Analysis Tool highlights it as a likely problem:

local Roblox = "Howdy"

  • ServerScriptService.Script
    • W000: (3,18) Unknown symbol ‘roblox’

To me and beginner programmers, it would be very helpful and beneficial to add the W000 error and documentation and how it’ll show in-studio or how it’s caused. This will make it easier for developers on the forums to report this error or asking friends. Developers might mistake W001 with the error and try to replicate/fix that error instead.

Some might say it “isn’t worth it” but to me and beginner developers, this should be involved with the W001 documentation and how to fix this or replicate the bug if necessary.