Including "Taxes" in Gamepass Prices

I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to include “taxes” (the cut Roblox takes when a purchase is made) in gamepass prices. For example, if I have a gamepass that I want to sell for 400 robux, I would charge 580. This would result in me getting 406 robux (the closest I could get).

I mean, this is how the real world works (atleast where I live). The vendor doesn’t lose money because of taxes, the consumer does.

I don’t know. Would this result in player’s buying less? I mean obviously, it costs more.

I’d just like y’alls opinions on this.

Purely its up to you, people may find it as more pricey and people may buy your gamepass less due to the price.
But its your game, your prices.
(BTW the exact price to make 400 Robux from a gamepass is 572)


Thank you.

I mainly want to charge based on a fair price and where people wouldn’t not wanna buy it because it’s pricey.

I guess it just matters what the gamepass is though.

I think a fair price would be in the middle, Say 440 - 450.
Yes you are losing some Robux, but this opens up to more purchases.
440 may be the most suitable cause it is the cheapest Robux package.

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