Including Two-Factor Authentication on the Mobile App

I used the mobile app for the first time in a while today and something I realised when I logged in was that I wasn’t prompted for any form of two-factor authentication, like I would be if I was logging in via my PC or even through a web-browser on mobile.

Now I understand that the mobile app has limited accessibility and someone in your account might not be able to cause complete havoc - but they could still spend ROBUX, leave groups and even more.

If someone gets my password, with two-factor authentication, I still have a level of security but via the app, you don’t. If someone knows your password, they can bypass two-factor authentication by logging in via the app.

Regardless of the accessibility through the mobile app, I believe it’s of the utmost importance that I still have the reassurance that my account is secure.

Does anyone else share this view? What are your opinions?


There is two factor on the app, at least for iOS there is.


IIRC 2FA is on iOS and Android.

Well it didn’t prompt me for two factor when logging in on iOS yesterday.

Please rename the thread to something like “use two-factor authentication when logging in via the mobile app”. Right now your title is confusing; you don’t want two-factor authentication to be handled by the mobile app (it should be handled by a generic 2FA/TOTP app), but the title makes it seem like you do.

The title is not confusing to me, he just means that a login via the mobile app did not prompt a 2FA code to be sent/needed to proceed.


According to the title and thread category, this thread is a feature request to include 2FA into the mobile app.

@buildthomas Is correct. This is a feature request because I would like two-factor to be used on the mobile app. I’m not sure if it should be prompting two-factor. If it should be, it wasn’t working for me and if it shouldn’t be, I feel it should be.

No generic 2FA app needed - I would like the ROBLOX two-factor system to apply to the mobile app, that is literally it.