Income sources graph

Hi, I’m GregTame.

I work on a handful of projects that are bringing in non-insignificant amounts of Robux each, and right now it’s very hard for me to keep track of my income for the multiple projects. (without forcing me to write some kind of third party plugin/program)

It would be very useful if we could get an earning breakdown graph on a per game/group basis.

something sort of like this… but like… better, because this is MS paint

See how the Total is relatively unaffected in the last “month” of the graph, because Game 1’s earnings spiked enough to cover the dip of game 3?

I think the uses for this is rather wide, as it’ll give individual users:

  1. The ability to compare projects in terms of earning, and drop projects that they feel “aren’t worth it”

  2. keep track of individual project/revenue streams without having to check each individually.

  3. easily give developers a clear picture of how their revenue streams are performing.