Incoming Adjustment to 'Pending Sales' Waiting Period

You stil get Robux everyday if you’re earning from a game. Only not the first week of the release.

Yes, but this doesn’t include the wait to DevEx. So developers have to wait up to a week to even get the days pay, then they have to wait however long it takes to go through the DevEx Process.

Cmon we need our robux we want earned, we don’t want to wait one week for that, I get you are trying to make it so people can’t get it in that period just in case if hacked, but it’s long time.

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Yea, no. This is why I will NEVER become a game designer on Roblox


This haven’t really solved anything. How can you ever fraud any item on the catalog or anything? Roblox is just doing the opposite that us, developers want.

To assist with this issue - decrease situations with a pending wait time.


It seems like Roblox keeps giving us brick walls for development on Roblox. Before this update, it was extremely stressful to get paid. We had the 3 day wait period, 30% tax, and the DevEx wait period. When I saw this post title, I thought they had lowered it. I was shocked to see that they raised it. Roblox seems to be doing the opposite of what the community wants.


This shouldn’t be required, if developers are that worried about their account they should willingly toggle this feature, not be forced to wait 7 days.

I understand the extra security this will add. But I am not very fond for this change, it has already been difficult paying my game’s devs on time each month. But this in my personal opinion wasn’t necessary…

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Seems like a small reason to never become a game designer. Lots of upsides, this is just a minor inconvenience.

Honestly, I think this update is really unnecessary. It already takes a very long time to get your Robux and people have been begging for many many many years to have the time to be lower. I feel like we should not wait for 7 days. I feel it would be fair to lower our % that they take away from 30 to 15% I think that’s fair.

Imagine 1 year? God it would be a mess!

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1 year? Where’d you get that idea from? That would never happen.

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I know that its never gonna happen. i’m just saying

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This waiting period could absolutely cripple group owners who don’t make consistent revenue. The three day waiting period is already troubling when you depend on gamepass sales or donations to run ads. A week without ads can sometimes make a difference between an active group, or a group dying. I genuinely hope you can reconsider this decision, because this is something that can seriously harm developers and group owners.


Yet another update to disagree with…

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Ok so devs are asking for shorter pending times (like a fire) and roblox (the firefighters) don’t want to put it out so they throw gasoline on it in place of water and now its worst and more people are angry, used a fire metaphor for everyone to understand it.

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I’m not trying to be mean or anything but this will make paying out to developers, DevEx, and other Roblox monetization harder. I feel like there is a better way to do this than to make lives a little more harder. I really hope Roblox re-considers this. The only people who seem that won’t be affected by the update after 5 days after this releases will be people with popular games.


Honestly, I agree with this in the positive way of “Improving safety and security”, but for actual developers who earn their robux legit. They should get some like free pass given by Roblox themself. I’m not sure but as long as a seven-day time period wouldn’t hurt any Roblox developers out there It’s fine to me.

400 posts yet 200 likes, “nice” ratio there.
I can already see how good and non-controversial this update is going to be… :upside_down_face:

  • From 3 to 7 days huh??

Yup it seems there weren’t already any struggles at all before this update.

cough DevEx rates cough

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