Incoming Adjustment to 'Pending Sales' Waiting Period


Starting Oct 27, we will be adjusting the waiting period for the sales of items including: shirts, pants, Game Passes, developer products, and any user-generated items. This adjustment will help us continue to keep the platform safe and secure.

Previously, selling an item would have a three-day waiting period before completing the transaction and earning you Robux.

The new holding period will range from three to seven days, depending on risk of fraud or abuse. This is one of many steps we are taking to improve the safety and security of everyone on the platform. By making this adjustment, we are increasing our window to catch and shut down suspicious activity on the platform in order to better protect your earnings.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this change. You can also reference the following Help Articles if you would like more information on Group Revenue Management, selling clothing, and selling Game Passes.

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Developer Relations


Will there be any visibility on the developer’s end of how long a specific transaction will be pending for? Either on an individual transaction or macro level?


I know this is for security reasons but 3-7 days is a long time to wait. I thought 3 days was bad enough. Are there any plans to make the time shorter for some developers? Will the time vary for whether the funds are going to a group or a single person? I just feel like if this was to be updated, that it would be made shorter. Since 30% tax is already taken, this update is basically taking away our only good way of commissioning without going through lots of work. It just seems really unnecessary right now.

I totally agree with everyone else. Added this quote since it adds on to what I am saying.

Please vote on how you feel about this update.

  • I disagree with this update.
  • I agree with this update.

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@RuizuKun_Dev for asking me to make this poll. (I saw another one at one point but I can’t find it now so I just added a new one).


The three day waiting period always made paying people difficult, and now this will make it much harder. Depositing robux into groups will get a lot more challenging, this update’s possible outcomes will be more negative than positive. I hope this decision gets reconsidered.


In what scenario would it take up to a week to get funding? This is going to really hurt developers, especially smaller ones.


Can you make some features easier then like being able to use personal funds to buy badges for group games. I don’t wanna have to wait this long to add a badge to my game


i’m sorry but, A WHOLE WEEK??? don’t you think that’s little too much, we already get 30% taken and i thought the 3 days was already long enough.


I thought it’s gonna be shorter… people literally complaining about how 3 days is too long for us, yet this update makes it worster


I totally understand why this is an update, and why its there. However, this may be a painful way for developers to do things, as paying developers can be hard. I didn’t like the length of it at first, but since it is extended it makes me wonder how bad things got with security on transactions, and what caused this update to be announced.

Either way, I am just a DevForum Member, I don’t know whats going on behind the scenes.


I agree with @aven_ue. 3-7 days is a long time to wait, especially if developers are doing commissions. I think making it longer isn’t as necessary right now. I think if anything it should be made shorter. Also noted that this has changed before, and increasing the rates won’t really help anything anymore. As for fraud and abuse, I’ve seen firsthand how bad it can be with people buying, selling, trading robux for USD. (I never participated in this.) Changing it won’t make a difference, end of story.



How is the risk of fraud or abuse determined?


Whats defined as “risk of fraud or abuse”, risky developer or risky player?


What exactly constitutes fraud or abuse, and how exactly is it detected?
There’s very little transparency here, and I assume that is so that launderers can’t take advantage of the fact- but this statement is way to generalizing.

Think about this. You won’t make back your money from ads until about a week later- how does that make you feel? The change has been here for months, with no announcement- what gives?

Limited laundering is very prevalent- what are you doing to address that?

Why are wait times being lengthened? I don’t feel like this is necessary.


Adjustments to pending R$ seems nice to have being extended but somewhat a bad way for developers to receive profits faster and more, I personally don’t like this change and would most likely want a setting to range form 7 ~ 2 days for pending R$ as it seems way too long for this.

Safety and security for every developer is important and nice that you’re doing this turn, but longer wait time as I’ve mentioned isn’t the best.


I could barely wait 3 days for robux to come in, now you’re increasing that? I get that it will make the platform ‘More Secure’ and will give better ability to ‘shutdown suspicious activity’, but why make it that long?


I feel like this has been the wait time anyway for the past year. There have been times I bought a shirt for a friend and it would take 5+ days anyway.


I understand security concerns but for smaller developers a week is a long time to wait and can hurt a lot, not to mention as stated it can take up to 7 days meaning it can be between the period of 3-7 days and we’d have no way to tell how long we’d need to wait?


This is outrageous. I understand why it would be done, but it seems like it will hurt some people, as waiting a full week just to get a couple of funds is absolutely insane!

I was expecting it to lower when I started reading this post.
Man, how I was wrong …


How do you fraud buying “shirts, pants, Game Passes, developer products, and any user-generated items?”