Incomplet Game to help you

-I don’t know if this is the right topic for this (let me know if not) -
I would like to make the file of a game I was developing available for developers to get the most out of it. I couldn’t finish it, but I wanted it to be useful

  • 2D camera and motion system
  • Save and data collection system for equipment, items and player statistics
  • Enemy drop system
    • distributes the enemy’s items, money and xp (or anything else) according to his table
  • Enemy damage system
    • saves all players who hit the enemy and distributes them to the drop (can easily add a minimal damage so players who dealt low damage don’t gain the items)
  • AI system that identifies and attacks nearby players (up to 150 enemies)

All were developed by me
If you have any questions or need an explanation I will be available
System.rbxl (113.4 KB)


To those who want to work on this for a new game:
A few things that you may want to change:

  1. You may want to either the movement keys to WASD or remove the tool and add a keybind attack function.

As a matter of fact, it is unusual to use the direction keys at the right of your keyboard when using your mouse. It makes most players feel uncomfortable. The movement keys are located in game.StarterPlayer.StarterCharacterScript.localscript.

  1. You may want to lower the camera’s Field Of View, which locates in game.StarterPlayer.StarterCharacterScript.Camera.

The current F.O.V is set to 80, which allows you to see a whole lot of things but in exchange, there is a strong camera bending being put into place.
You may want to move the camera further away and set the F.O.V to something around 5 - 20 so there will be an aesthetic and classical 2D platformer feel being added to the game.

Good luck to your new game :grinning:

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It is also possible to use only the combat and save data systems and create an rpg. These systems were made when the idea of the game was a mmorpg then they work perfectly for any type of game

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