Incomplete documentation: Tween class

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This is just a result of this bug.
This page has no events or functions. I was able to find this using the Object Browser and TweenBase page, which is not linked to from the Tween page.


  • void Cancel() | Stops the tween animation. Animation can be restarted by calling Play(), Animation will start from the beginning values. (Inherits from TweenBase)
  • void Pause() | Temporarily stops the tween animation. Animation can be resumed by calling Play(). (Inherits from TweenBase)
  • void Play() | Starts or resumes (if Tween.PlaybackState is Paused) the tween animation. If current PlaybackState is Cancelled, this property will reset hte tween to the beginning properties and play the animation from the beginning. (Inherits from TweenBase)


  • PlaybackState PlaybackState (Inherits from TweenBase)

event Completed(PlaybackState playbackState) (inherits from TweenBase) | Fires when the tween either reaches PlaybackState Completed or Cancelled. PlaybackState of one of these types is passed as the first arg to the function listening to this event.

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