Inconsistencies with the likes per day cap on devforum

I have encountered a bug that barely lets me like posts.

It warns me I have just a few likes per day after I like around 50 posts (haven’t counted, estimation)

I expect to be able to like as normal and I rarely reach the cap

But instead I get limited way too fast. Afterwards it tells me to like after a minute and it gets bigger and bigger and after a while it tells me to wait 24 hours. Sometimes it’s just random as one time I got 3 hours instead if 24 or a minute.

I have first experienced this around 15/7/2023 (D/M/Y)

Additional info: this happens on my phone and laptop. This was moved from bug support DMS to here so that’s why this post is written weird.

I am still experiencing this and I don’t think this is intentional.


The limit may have been changed or you may have been limited. Can you also add the message where you got the error?


I message bug support and they moved it here. It’s the regular warning for nearly reaching the like cap and then I reach it. Also the time seems to actually be kinda random

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The reason you’re getting limited so hard is because you shouldn’t be spamming likes that much. Act like a robot, get treated like one.

I’d put money on this being intentional to some degree/not being a bug.


Not even spamming. I’m doing the exact same thing as before.


And the fact in Roblox DevForum rules, you have to like instead of posting… :skull:


The system thinks you are on another account trying to make artificial activity which is not allowed. Try waiting a few days.

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